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Indonesia Got Coffee , Starbucks Got a Name

By Patrick S. Hutapea

PanaJournal – Indonesia produce special coffee flavor and feeding it to Starbucks . Then , the company store , roasting , grind , mix , process , and market the coffee with a global brand and demand – sweet . Is it mutually beneficial relationship ?

THIS piece of the story in a coffee shop , in 1981 ago . While talking with the customer , a waitress scooped coffee beans from a container , which is then ground into a powder . He then poured the coffee grounds into the filter cone -shaped ,

followed by hot water . Despite everything only lasts a few minutes , the customer amazed watching the movements of the hands of the waiter who agile , typical master craftsmen .

The fragrant smell of hot coffee . Without hesitation , the customer sip. But , even jerked his head , and his eyes widened . He has never drank coffee with the taste that strong . The coffee shop employee and then burst out laughing . ” The coffee is too hard for you , huh ? ” The waiter teased .

The coffee shop called Starbucks . The man is Howard Mark Schultz . And , he drank coffee is Arabica coffee from Sumatra . Since then , Schultz always start the morning with a cup of coffee Arabica Sumatra . The story contained in his book Pour Your Heart Into It : How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time .

In 1987 , Schultz acquired Starbucks became Starbucks Corporation ago . In 2012 , the turnover of the global coffee shop around U.S. $ 13 billion . ( On the count of three , trying to say the name of the largest companies of Indonesia . Okay ? One , two , .. Astra International ? Revenue Astra in 2012 to reach U.S. $ 15 billion – if using the exchange rate of Rp 12,000 per U.S. $ 1 . )

Nothing wrong with Schultz named to Forbes in 2013 as one of the richest men in the United States , with estimated assets of approximately U.S. $ 2 billion . In Indonesia , Schultz property value almost equivalent to Putera Sampoerna , or Tanoto .

Attached to NUSANTARA
In the 1970s , Indonesia has actually supplying coffee beans to Starbucks , Seattle , USA. Since then Starbucks so closely with Indonesia . Moreover , Starbucks also sells coffee beans and powder specific region of origin arabica types ( single – origin ) , in addition to coffee blends ( blend) .

Coffee of the archipelago is marketed under the name ” Starbucks Sumatra ” , ” Starbucks Reserve Isla Flores ” , and ” Starbucks Reserve West Java ” . Moreover , ” Starbucks Sumatra ” became one of the world ‘s best-selling Starbucks products . Meanwhile , some coffee from other countries just use the name of any country , for example , ” Starbucks Ethiopia ” , and ” Starbucks Reserve Caldas Colombia ” .

According to Anthony Cottan , Director of PT Mitra Adi Perkasa Tbk (MAP ) – the company business license holders in Indonesia Starbucks – Starbucks has named its product by name or village where coffee plantations are planted . This is true if only to get a supply of Starbucks coffee beans in limited quantities .

‘ ( Flavor – Red ) Coffee is unique , like wine , has different characteristics , “said Anthony , a British man who from the beginning gave birth to Starbucks presence in Indonesia . MAP inaugural launch of Starbucks outlets in Indonesia in 2002 . Eleven years later , the MAP has set up around 160 outlets of Starbucks . That data as of September 2013 .

When Howard Schultz , Starbucks Corporation boss and founder , visited Indonesia last year , he even launched a fairly phenomenal business expansion : opening 100 new stores within the next 3 years . In fact , Dunkin ‘Donuts, Indonesian – brand fast-food snacks from the United States , also serves coffee – can take decades since 1985 to set up around 200 outlets .

“Indonesia has been regarded as one of the major markets that Starbucks was growing, and we will continue to invest in Indonesia to support the business development plan with discipline , ” Schultz said in a press statement .

Starbucks is successfully changing the culture of coffee-coffee ( the coffee shop ) into today’s lifestyle . Coffee becomes a trend . Not only selling quality coffee , Starbucks also ” selling atmosphere and sentiment ” : store layout and design , story and history behind the cultivation of coffee , and other things that can arouse one’s taste of Starbucks coffee .

Well , the success of which is the ” slap ” for Indonesia , in fact is one of the world’s largest coffee producer . Like a milk cow , Bengal had a name . The phrase was known in the city of Medan , North Sumatra . Residents origin descent Bengal , India , formerly was managing a dairy farm , and supplying fresh milk to the people of Medan . With typical turban wrapped heads , they used to take milk with a motorcycle from home to home . So famous , the field had been accustomed to call ” milk Bengal ” .

” Indonesia is known to have a wealth of capital outstanding coffee beans , from Lampung , Unggaran , Toraja , to Aceh and Sumatra . Sadly , great coffee beans was just processed in the traditional way . As a result , ( the coffee – Red ) in a stall at best sold Rp 5.000 , – , “said Yuswohady .

According to the author CROWD : Marketing Becomes the Horizontal , businesses in Indonesia are often talkative . ” We are often unsure of himself. But , when global companies like Starbucks has been successful , we then follow – nirunya emulate . ”

In fact , opportunities for local entrepreneurs still wide open. According Yuswohady , young entrepreneurs pioneering new businesses could use their creative abilities in building strong local brand and value-added . By doing so , local products and brands could be the number one choice in their own homes . Hopefully . ( *** ) PanaJournal



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